Transmitintus is one of the foremost money transfer companies Licensed by NJ department of banking and insurance. We focus on transfer of funds from US to Bangladesh and US to Nepal. We make transferring of money to your loved ones, fast,efficient and most importantly secure.


From the Chairman’s desk:
Through my remittance company Transmit International Inc, I received first-hand and continuous experience of banking and money transfer business for ten years. During this time I observed, comprehended and most importantly understood the true needs of our beloved South Asians living in America. In correlation to banking, I learned the unfortunate and ugly truth of money laundering and how it profoundly impacts the South Asian community. Not only is money laundering an immense offence to justice, it has and can often lead to smuggling and even terrorism. I started the SAAEA INC, in order to educate and encourage South Asians to open bank accounts and send money via banks, money transfer companies, and/or authorized financial institutes. This will not only secure their financial future but ultimately inhibit money laundering activities and also boost the economies of America, South Asian countries and rest of the world. It is my deep belief that the practice of sending money via banks and/or authorized money transfer institutes will increase the national reserve and growth of the participating countries. Furthermore, it will also greatly increase the overall business flow to U.S. banks and financial institutes for ultimately a prosperous world.

Mohammed M Islam